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4932 Rt. 233, Westmoreland, NY 13490
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Email: ssheds1@gmail.com

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Shafer & Sons Storage Sheds
Is a family run business specializing in the manufacturing of economically priced, high-quality, well-constructed, storage buildings. Over 30 years in the business of home and yard products. Shop the area and compare what we have to offer.

Customer Satisfaction

All our buildings are partially built at our shop, then erected at your home exactly where you want it in a fast, efficient and professional manner. With our modern trucks and tools, combined with our years of experience, we are able to construct you a building you will be proud to own.

Guaranteed Workmanship

Shafer & Sons uses carefully selected materials of top quality in each of its units. We are therefore able to warranty each unit for two full years against manufacturing defects and workmanship. The customer, in accepting this warranty, agrees to paint the unit within 45 days after erection, with the door being painted on six sides. The customer also agrees to keep vegetation cut from perimeter of the shed to allow air to circulate underneath the building. Caulking should be applied above windows, doors, and all horizontal trim. Shafer & Sons reserves the right to repair or replace any portion of the unit found to be defective. Shafer & Sons cannot be held responsible for abuse, or "Acts of God".

Quality Construction

Shafer & Sons uses top quality materials on all of its buildings as follows:
  • 2' x 6' floor joist 16" on center.
  • 2' x 4' studding 24" on center.
  • 5/8" DuraTemp T-111, Fir.
  • 5/8" CDX plywood for floor and 1/2" roof sheathing.
  • 3/4" CDX plywood on floors of 10 x 12 and larger.
  • 25 year fiberglass seal down shingles, colors: black, white, gray, or brown
  • Steel drip and rake edge.
  • Pine trim - face board, gable board, corner trim.
  • DuraTemp T1-11 fir door with 2' x 4, frame, 1' x 3' pine cross buck trim, heavy-duty hinges and hasp.
  • 4" x 8" x 16" solid concrete blocks to support building.
  • Double-hung vinyl window w/ screen.
  • Prices do not include staining/painting of buildings.

Payment Terms

  • No Deposit Required
  • Terms of Payment - Cash or Checks upon Completion of Building
  • Any Prices Subject to Change
  • Prices Do Not Include Sales Tax.
  • MC or Visa Accepted

Prices listed include delivery and setup.

Address & Directions

Shafer & Sons is conveniently located 1 mile south of NYS Thruway Exit 32 on Rt. 233 or 2 miles north of RT. 5, Kirkland on Rt. 233

4932 Rt. 233
Westmoreland, NY 13490
Toll Free: 1-800-853-5285
Phone:(315) 853-5285
Email: ssheds1@gmail.com

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